Chapter 466 (Teaser)

Empress Marie.

The mother of the 4th prince, she had the ambition to place her son on the imperial throne. After Empress Aria’s death and captivating the emperor’s heart, she built up a strong relationship with the nobles and reorganized the Red Knights into her own limbs.

At one time, the Red Knights were judged to be weaker than the Red Knights of the previous generations. But now? Quite the opposite. The current knights receive the instructions of the enlightened Sword Duke Limit and had the power of a great swordsman. It was no surprise that the Red Knights of the modern world were judged to be much better than the past knights.

Thanks to that, Marie’s position increased further. Whatever her intentions, she brilliantly trained the Red Knights, making the emperor more favorable towards her.

Originally, Marie should’ve been happy. However, it was actually a headache. Ever since the Five Pillars were obtained, the emperor recognized the Red Knights as ‘usable tiles’ again. The number of tasks the Red Knights received from the emperor gradually increased, causing frequent gaps in Marie’s armed forces.


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