Chapter 465 (Teaser)

Grid had many challenges left for him to overcome: Aslan, with the Saharan Empire behind him, the man who kept Reidan in check and also falsely accused him of killing Prince Ren. There was also the vampire cities that he needed to fully capture before the war began.

In addition, he had to figure out what the 3rd prince of the Saharan Empire was planning and figure out a way to capture the Behen Archipelago. The whole process was likely to be linked to hell, so he planned to arrange sufficient preparations such as putting effort into raising Yura.

Prior to that, Grid had something to do personally.

‘Smelt the adamantium and bloodstone.’

The moment of making his 15th legendary item was approaching. He would experience further growth with the third special event. According to Lauel, Kraugel had obtained the strongest combat class. However, Grid didn’t think he was lagging behind.

He was able to find a better use of items through this National Competition.

‘Kraugel, the stronger you are, the stronger I will become.’

But before that!

‘First of all, I will move!’

The building that costed him both 10 billion...

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