Chapter 463 (Teaser)

[The duration of immortality is over.]

The worst notification window emerged as Kraugel was about to strike Grid’s neck with White Fang. Was he going to lose? But Grid still had a trump card.

[Braham’s soul, which lost a great deal of power from closing the hell door, has woken up from his sleep!]

[The cooldown time of Assimilation is over!]



The moment that Assimilation was used, a shield blocked Kraugel’s attack and Grid was convinced of his victory. Until Braham opened his mouth.

“This is a talent from the heavens. But you are still young.”

‘Stop making noise and use a spell!’

Grid shouted, but Braham trusted his shield. He believed it would never be broken and summoned a flame. It wasn’t magic of a particular form. It was simply flames made of pure magic power. Grid’s mana was almost empty, so it was impossible to use a spell.

‘Well, this is enough.’

The man in front of Braham was also in a bad state. A light attack was possible....

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