Chapter 462 (Teaser)



Grid and Kraugel’s bodies rose into the sky. The blood and sweat coming from the two men scattered, reflecting like starlight.

‘His attack power is too strong.’

Kraugel was desperately exchanging blows with Grid, who was in a full buff state. Every time their swords collided, Kraugel twisted the sword’s orbit to offset the powerful destructive force, causing a rapid decline in stamina and pain in his wrist.

Above all, the big problem was the psychological pressure. What if his concentration was disturbed and he allowed one of Grid’s attacks? The result would be defeat and he wouldn’t be able to treat his mother’s illness. The tension at the thought of his mother’s health caused a huge burden on Kraugel’s mental state.


He had to win! Kraugel vowed and his concentration once again began to transcend the category of a human. He raised the passive effect of Keen Senses to the extremes and properly used...

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