Chapter 460 (Teaser)

“I will obtain the title of the strongest.”

A challenge towards the sky! Grid’s provocative words heated up the Stade de France National Stadium.

“Grid! Grid! Grid!!”

“Do you think you can win over Kraugel!?”

Some people cheered for Grid and others disparaged him. Most of them were the latter. It meant that Kraugel’s popularity was absolute. It was natural. Kraugel was a subject of reverence without anyone daring to feel envious and jealous, making him special in people’s hearts.

In the first place, looking at it objectively, Grid wasn’t Kraugel’s opponent. People saw Grid as someone who couldn’t grasp who he was going against. In the midst of this turmoil, Kraugel opened his mouth.

“This time, I won’t lose. No, I can never lose.”

They were shocking words.


The crowd instantly fell silent. Everyone shut their mouths and doubted their ears.

‘This time I won’t lose...?’

'This time...?’

‘It can’t be!’

Kraugel had already been defeated...

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