Chapter 458 (Teaser)

[Tiramet’s Belt has been upgraded from epic to unique!]

[Tiramet's Belt]

Rating: Unique (Growth)

* Reduce damage received by 10%.

* Stamina +250.

A belt that contains the unique magic power of Vampire Viscount Tiramet. * If this belt grows to a legendary rating, the wearer can summon Vampire Viscount Tiramet.

Weight: 13

‘It added 150 points to the stamina stat?’

The third awakening increased health by 25 and defense by 0.9 for each point in stamina. The value of a 250 increase in stamina was tremendous, making Tiramet’s Belt a coveted item for everyone, regardless of class. He could even summon Tiramet if it was raised to a legendary level. A powerful monster that even Grid found hard to raid.


There was one thing Grid wasn’t happy about. The ‘Tiramet’s Power’ attached to the Rune of Darkness wasn’t triggered.

[Tiramet’s Power]

If your health drops below 10%, 30% health will be restored in an in...

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