Chapter 457 (Teaser)

Satisfy’s history was still short. It had been less than two years since e-sports established itself as the most popular culture. The experience of the commentators for the broadcasting stations in each country was poor and there were inevitable limits.

-What are the commentators doing? Why aren’t they explaining the battle?

-Really dumb ㅎㅎㅎ They should take care of their paycheck.

-Hah... Grid and Damian are so fast that I can’t follow them with the eyes. The screen is switching too swiftly;;

-Once the game is finished, the video will be replayed in slow motion...

The viewers around the world started complaining. The commentators could only close their mouths with frustration. At this time, a comment appeared on the Internet.

-Korea’s OGC Channel is giving correct commentary.

OGC was the world’s first gaming specialty channel.  It had a history of being an authentic e-sports broadcasting company. The rich experience and professionalism...

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