Chapter 456 (Teaser)

The US representatives who were supporting Skull on one side.

“It’s ridiculous.”

They started to deny Damian's words. 1 year and 8 months ago, Grid had raided the pope alone? It wasn’t something that could be understood with common sense.

“That’s when the rankers would’ve had their second class.” 

“Grid would’ve been around level 200. At the time, Grid wouldn’t have the specs to raid a named boss.”

At the time, the Tzedakah Guild had just raided Malacus and became famous. Considering that Grid was a member of the Tzedakah Guild, it was likely that they raided Pope Drevigo as a guild.

“Damian is a lunatic who calls Grid a ‘god.’ Most of what he says about Grid is a bluff and exaggeration.”

“I agree.”

The US representatives denied reality. Was it possible for one level 200 user to raid a pope? But surprisingly, Zibal believed Damian’s words.

‘It’s certainly possible.’

The pope was a priest. Compared to his level, his combat ability...

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