Chapter 454 (Teaser)

Chris faltered from the shock caused by the exchange between him and Grid. His upper body was shaking as he blocked the continuous attacks from Grid. It meant he was being pushed when it came to power.

‘Chris is being pushed back in a battle of strength?’

The waiting room assigned to the participants for the third round. Kraugel was surprised as he sat alone and watched the confrontation between Grid and Chris. He didn’t think a player that could beat Chris when it came to strength existed. It was natural when he thought about it.

‘Chris has a unique strength stat.’

None of them could win against Chris with strength, even Kraugel. Yet Grid won.

‘The more I know, the more amazing he is...’

Every person had a different depth and that depth had a limit. As a person was more and more exposed, their foundations would eventually be revealed. But Grid was the opposite. New and wonderful things were discovered about him every ti...

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