Chapter 453 (Teaser)

『 I must admit that Chris’ name value is the highest. But he lost to Regas in last year’s National Competition. I don’t think he is Grid’s opponent. 』

『 Isn’t this year’s Chris different from last year? At this point, Chris is stronger than Regas. Regas couldn’t beat Seuron, while Chris won over Seuron. 』

『 During the past year, Chris seems to have pushed his strength of ‘offensive power’ to the limit. If there is anyone who can crush Grid and Damian’s powerful defense, it’s Chris. 』

『 His strength is clear, as well as his weakness. Chris would have invested most of his stats into strength to increase his attack power, which would make his health very low. He won’t be able to withstand Grid’s attacks. He needs to knock down Grid before he falls first. 』

『 Putting aside the strength state, doesn’t the stamina stat also increase health? Chris is third on the unified rankings. He should have survival skills due to the know-how and knowledge...

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