Chapter 452 (Teaser)

‘He can restore 150% of the damage done?’

‘It must be a one-time thing.’

Everyone in the world was paying attention to Grid. The players who were participating in PvP right now, as well as the healers who didn’t participate in the National Competition.

Grid. He combined top class power with the best blacksmithing skill, and was also capable of exercising a tremendous force as head of Overgeared. There were countless forces in the world who hadn’t yet proven to be overwhelming, but were watched with vigilance. This was a great chance to analyze Grid’s strengths and weaknesses, so people focused on Grid, especially Kraugel.


If Kraugel thought about his mother, he hoped that Grid wouldn’t reach the finals. But his heart wanted the opposite result. He wanted to compete with Grid. He wanted to fight, enjoy, and develop with Grid.

'...A selfish greed.’

Kraugel painfully repressed his heart and left the waiting room. It was to prepare for the second round that would start in 30 minutes.





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