Chapter 451 (Teaser)

Hao was confused. 

‘It can be dangerous to have my judgment impaired in this state.' 

Hao made a brilliant decision and leapt back, opening a wide distance from Grid. He was worried about the possibility of Grid catching up and dealing a counterattack. Hao thought about it after securing a safe distance.

‘He pulled out a new weapon in one second?’

It was simple to swap to new items. First open the inventory, reach inside the inventory that was created in the air and think of the ‘desired item.’ However, it took at least 2.5 seconds to complete this sequence. This was also based on high rankers.

The time it took to open the inventory and reach inside was around 1 second, then it took around 1.5 seconds to clearly recall the item they wanted. A player with very high concentration could shorten that time to 2 seconds, but to do it in 1 second?

It was impossible. Yet Grid did it.

‘What did he do?’

Hao couldn’t understand it and touched on something sensitive.

“A bug?”

It was a ridiculous question for anyone who knew the game. Satisfy was famous for never having a bug since it...

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