Chapter 450 (Teaser)

 “I will take one hour. I will knock you out shortly before the time limit.”


It was strange since Grid always declared that he would suppress his enemies in an instant. The bewildered commentators and viewers realized at once.

‘Grid has a high appreciation for Hao’s skills.’

‘Indeed, it’s natural. Hao’s control skills have received the ultimate evaluation of society.’

Wasn’t he called the miracle of the continent, the genius of fighting?

‘He’s one of the people mentioned outside of Kraugel. Recently, Grid’s control skills have grown to be comparable to a high ranker, but it is still less than Hao’s.’

‘Moreover, Hao has a skill to take off weapons and armor. Grid’s biggest strength isn’t available against Hao.’

‘In other words, it’s the worst... Grid has no luck.’

People didn’t forget that Grid was a strong champion. But the word champion didn’t mean invincibility. Candidates for winning had their own weaknesses. Unfortunately,...

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