Chapter 449 (Teaser)

‘He also used hiding as a means of attack when fighting against me. The specs are excellent. He can’t escape from the innate limitations of an assassin?’

Surprisingly, Grid was appreciating this battle between Kraugel and Tarma. It was testament to the fact that Grid’s thinking ability had evolved to another level after competition with the high rankers and elites during the National Competition.  

‘I don’t know about assassination, but using stealth as a means of attack isn’t advisable in an all-out war. It was obvious that the assassin would eventually reappear, and if they could predict where he would reappear depending on the situation, the strength of the hiding ability would become meaningless. It can be dealt with using a wide range attack.’

Tarma was a shadow assassin. Since he could use shadows as a means of attack and defense, it was better to leave it as a hidden card than to use it to attack. Just like the shadow assassin Grid once met in Winston. Wasn’t he called the king...

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