Chapter 447 (Teaser)


[A junior vampire was destroyed.]

[4,901,000 experience has been acquired.]

[An intermediate vampire was destroyed.]

[6,954,300 experience has been acquired.]

[One deluxe magic stone has been acquired.]

Three days until the PvP. It was nine days in Satisfy time, which Grid was going to spend hunting. It was to stimulate his combat senses while raising Iyarugt’s experience at the same time. But it wasn’t easy.


Rating: Unique (Growth)

Experience: 85.98%

"The experience gain isn’t very good.”

He’d killed 40 junior vampires and 25 intermediate vampires, but the rate of experience increase was only 0.01%. The vampire cities were limited in the number of monsters, the vampires had excellent survival ability, and the speed of hunting was slower, making Grid feel nervous. He wondered if he could raise Iyarugt’s rating in nine days.

‘I would rather fight against other rankers in order to quickly gain experience. Um... Are there any better hunting grounds around here?'

He missed the islands in the 50’s on the Behen Archipelago where high level monsters...

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