Chapter 446 (Teaser)


Ku tang tang tang!

After confirming the updated rankings, Zibal couldn’t contain his anger and kicked the table. As his body that had been trained through exercising, his strength was incredible. The table flew into the door and shattered.

"The United States...! The US has missed the first ranking!”

The US had been a leader in all areas for nearly two centuries. For example, in the case of sports, the US Olympics had been first in the rankings 25 times. It was natural for the US to win the Satisfy National Competition, so neither the American people or the players doubted the result.

But the result changed. It was due to only one person! Grid!

“That crazy monster...!”

Zibal was truly going crazy. He couldn’t discount Grid’s abilities anymore and had to acknowledge his skills, but this was too much.

“This is pure luck...”

He tried to argue, but it was too much. Zibal was convinced and eventually admitted it with a deep sigh.

“What has he been...

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