Chapter 445 (Teaser)

Randy's original Copy skill. He could copy 30% of his master’s stats and two random skills. But now things were different. Randy evolved the moment he reached level 240, being able to copy 35% of the master’s stats and three skills! It didn’t matter if the skills were only level 1.

‘Won’t he be able to copy me perfectly someday?’

Grid appreciated the possibilities of Randy’s development. It wasn’t a baseless overestimation. Grid later found out that ordinary doppelgangers couldn’t copy legendary skills. In other words, Randy was different from ordinary doppelgangers the first time he copied Pagma’s appearance.

“Pagma's Sword Dance.”

A pet was classified as a monster. The effect of the Efficient Hunting Sword inflicted additional damage on monsters, so Grid armed himself with it before calling Randy.  Thanks to that, Randy was running wild.




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