Chapter 444 (Teaser)

Of the 53 players who participated in the pet marathon, 52 of them (except for Grid) were pet specialists. Since their classes were in the monster tamer series, their understanding of pets and their ability to collect information was unmatched. It was no wonder that they studied the memphis and came up with a strategy against it.

‘Even if it’s called the best demonic beast of hell...’

‘In the end, a memphis is just a cat monster.’

‘A cat monster has many weaknesses!’

They made confident expressions and started summoning more pets after the wyverns. Surprisingly, the pets they summoned weren’t strong like wyverns. Rather, they were insect-like monsters such as giant glow worms, gold cockroaches, and light butterflies. They had weak combat ability and low intelligence, so they generally weren’t used.


“Aren’t they going to try their best?”

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