Chapter 443 (Teaser)


The person who shouted Grid’s name was Blood Warrior Katz. Grid was very surprised because he was an unexpected person.

‘Why is he coming to see me?’

Grid had no connection to Katz. In the days when he was still a beginner. Grid enhanced the Ideal Dagger to +6 and went to the market to boast, only to witness Katz’ +8 weapon by chance.

"What do you want?”

Katz spoke bluntly to the puzzled Grid.

“Make me a growth type item! I will give you as much money as you want!”


As expected from a diamond spoon. Grid shrugged as he was reminded that Katz was the son of a prominent conglomerate in Japan.

"Unfortunately, I’m not accepting production commissions.”

To be precise, Grid wouldn’t accept it from him. Grid wasn’t in a position to always make growth type items, and even if he made one, the priority would be selling it to the Overgeared members.


Katz frowned as he received the negative answer. Katz was called...

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