Chapter 441 (Teaser)

 [The production of the ‘Longsword’ has been complete!]

[The experience of the Advanced Blacksmithing Skill Lv. 6 has raised this item’s stats by 9%!]

[The experience of the Intermediate Dwarf Skill Lv 1 has raised this item’s stats by 3.2%!]

[The Intermediate Dwarf skill Lv 1 has tried to plant a feeble ego into this item!] 


[The Intermediate Dwarf skill Lv 1 has tried to plant a small change function into this item!]


[A unique rated item is made and all stats will rise by 12!]


[Powerful and Noble Long Sword]

Rating: Unique

Durability: 450/450  Attack Power: 451

* There is a very rare chance for the sword length to change when attacking. 

*Normal attacks will deal an additional 15% damage.

* Accuracy will increase by 7%.

* The durability isn’t easily damaged.

A longsword made with delicate workmanship by the renowned blacksmith Panmir, who has accumulated training in Talima.

The merits of a longsword are highlighted and it is very stable. There is an irregular aspect due to the changing qualities.

The dwarf technique has implanted the creator’s...

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