Chapter 440 (Teaser)

『 The time limit to produce an item is 8 hours! Blacksmiths, please only use the production method and materials you were given! 』

The National Competition’s 17th day.

The blacksmith production game began. Originally, this was a minor event. But after Grid announced his intention to participate, the situation reversed. It attracted attention comparable to the team events. The blacksmiths participating in the event felt gratitude towards Grid.

‘Thanks to Grid, our value has been raised.’

‘Thank you for sacrificing yourself for us!’

What if the people watching around the world saw the brilliant work of the advanced blacksmiths that made an item better than a legendary blacksmith? The blacksmith’s reputation would surely soar into the sky. Each item they produced would become a premium and the value would skyrocket.

The eyes of the blacksmiths heated up as they planned to make Grid a sacrifice. Most of them believed themselves to be ‘craftsman,’ so they were very proud and didn’t feel any fear towards Grid. Grid relied on his class,...

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