Chapter 439 (Teaser)

"Panmir, are you crazy? Why did you do that?”

“We have to say farewell to being the strongest country in Satisfy this year. The US will miss out on first place because of idiots like you.”

After the press conference, the US representatives gathered in one place. The atmosphere was the worst. They all blamed Panmir except for Lauel. It wouldn’t be strange if curses emerged. But Panmir didn’t shrink back. He didn’t even feel sorry. He opened his mouth with a serious expression.

“I have been working as a blacksmith since Satisfy opened. From the moment I log in until I log out, I keep hitting the anvil with my hammer.”

He used the same materials and production methods, but did research and used techniques to create better items. Panmir had really trained his skills over the years.

"Most people think that the result when making items relies purely on luck, but that isn’t true. It also depends on techniques and devotion. Zibal, don’t you know? The fact that I have invested 8 hours to create just one item....

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