Chapter 438 (Teaser)


The darkness of the world was split apart by a huge spark of light. A great flare! Just like a candle on the verge of being blown out, the injured drake was surrounded by flames.


The presence of dragon’s blood in its body was weak. The pressure of the drake’s roar was enormous. It showed off its presence as a superior species that human beings couldn’t afford to look up to. But the drake was just a trivial existence to the man facing him. 

The man flew up and wielded his blue greatsword without any signs of nervousness.


A blue light in the darkness, like the Milky Way. The drake’s huge head was split in two and flames flew all over the place.



The black haired man with a blue greatsword that split the drake in half with one blow. The man with the wreckage of the drake pouring on him, his name was Grid. He confirmed that the drake had turned to grey and turned his gaze to the...

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