Chapter 436 (Teaser)


The drake roared as it was repeatedly hit by Grid. At the same time, its tail moved nervously.



Grid’s body was hit by the quick and sharp tail. He trembled as he coughed up blood.

‘Shouldn’t a dragon type have more magic damage?’

A dragon’s strongest technique was well known for being the breath. Grid thought the drake would be the same. However, he was mistaken. The drake had weak breath attacks and strong physical damage, the opposite of the wyverns.

‘Dammit! I thought it was weak due to the first breath!’

It was actually pretty strong. Every time he was hit by the tail, his health decreased by 6,000 and it caused the ‘stunned’ and ‘stiff’ state. Grid was sure that there was no one who could raid a drake alone.

So what if your raid abilities were excellent?

The first strike from the tail would cause a state where they would die! However, Grid was different.

[You have resisted.]

Grid cleared away the stiff state the moment he was hit by the tail. He moved forward during the opening where the drake pulled back its...

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