Chapter 433 (Teaser)

Chapter 433

Among the seven guilds, the Golden Guild was at a medium level. Seuron was the master and he had gradually been growing stronger after acquiring the Soul Predator class. It was enough to make him aspire to become the peak of two billion users.


Argentina met Russia in the semi-finals. Seuron was thrilled to face Kraugel.

"Kraugel, I’m lucky that I have a chance to defeat you in front of the world.”

Argentina wasn’t active in the target processing match because they didn’t have competent ranged dealers. Since they weren’t in the race for the medal, Seuron wasn’t obsessed with the event and just enjoyed himself. But things were different now. 

In the battlefield where a hundred people were fighting for their lives, Seuron was able to create an environment with fresh souls, complementing his class effect. Seuron was confident. It might not be possible yet in a one-on-one match, but he could defeat Kraugel on the battlefield.

"Become the stepping stone of my fame!”

Seuron excitedly pulled out some of the souls accumulated...

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