Chapter 431 (Teaser)

Chapter 431

The NPC called Swan.

He had the unique skills of ‘Adaptation’ and ‘Escape.’

Adaptation showed the effect of ‘increased speed of recovery from abnormal conditions,’ ‘decreased terrain penalty,’ and ‘decrease in the usage conditions of items.’ Escape had the effect of ‘never being caught by the enemy and never dying in combat.’

Grid had an idea the moment he saw Swan with the Great Lord’s Sword. He gave Swan the role that he originally intended for himself, under the assumption that Lauel predicted all his thoughts and actions and prepared countermeasures for them. It was to convince the enemy that Swan was Grid and make them follow Lauel’s plan.

The result was commendable. Swan was armed with Grid’s Greatsword and Triple Layers. He was recognized as Grid and served as good bait for Skull’s group. The US determined that Lauel’s plan was a success and completely erased their guard against Grid.

Thanks to this, Grid could act freely. He waited until the buff effect of the Motley Flail was activated and successfully pushed the US into a crisis.

The result...

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