Chapter 429 (Teaser)

Chapter 429

There were a total of eight paths in Anterava Forest.

Some paths were intricately intertwined like mazes, some paths had numerous obstacles, and some were narrow enough to only allow single file movement. Of course, there was also a wide road. They all had different appearances. The paths had different lengths and travel times, but they all had one thing in common.

They would eventually lead to the castle. Yes, no matter which route was chosen, they could reach the enemy castle.

‘This is the difficult part.’

How could they win by moving forward while defending against eight paths? There were too many variables. It was virtually impossible to produce definitive results. But Lauel believed. When the environmental and military conditions were equal, the most important factor in designing a strategy was the enemy’s tendencies.

Lauel was confident of victory because he perfectly understood Grid’s character.


The path through the center of Anterava Forest.

It was the path that took the shortest amount of time to reach the enemy castle, and was flat, so many people could move at the same time. The South Korean side made their...

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