Chapter 428 (Teaser)

Chapter 428

Apart from strength, stamina, intelligence, and agility, special stats could be opened by clearing specific quests or acquiring a title, position or class. In addition, it wasn’t possible to put points into special stats, so they were very difficult to increase.

But Grid was different. Every time Grid created items with a certain rating, ‘all stats’ increased. There was also the various titles that increased his stats such as Apostle of Justice, Kingdom's Hero, and First Duke. He even had items. The Holy Light Crown increased his intelligence by 300 and his dignity by 200, while the Great Lord's Sword gave him 150 dignity, insight, and leadership.

The result? At present, Grid had 2,000 dignity, 1,000 charm, and 300 leadership.

This wasn’t the end. There was even the Pagma's Successor class effect of ‘easily acknowledged.’ NPCs, especially NPCs with the proper perspective, had no choice but to instinctively look up at Grid. They were...

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