Chapter 404 (Teaser)

Chapter 404


It was a familiar name to Grid.

‘Where did I hear it?’

He thought about it, but nothing came to mind. He summoned Noe and Randy, placed the God Hands all over the place, took a defensive position and asked while drinking a potion.

“Who is Lantier?”

[Lantier isn’t an individual’s name.]

Eclipse, the strongest and and worst assassination group believed to have existed more than a thousand years ago.

[Lantier is the name that has been passed down to the leaders over generations. But there is only one Lantier that I know.]


The black smoke started to become thicker. As the black smoke became thicker until Grid couldn’t see in front of him anymore, Braham spoke shocking words.

[The legendary assassin.]


The moment Grid felt astonished.


One of the God Hands protecting Grid was struck by a weapon. It couldn’t deal with the shock and went flying. It was the first time that...

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