Chapter 400 (Teaser)

Chapter 400

Japan, Tokyo.

Yoshimura exclaimed under a splendid chandelier in the press conference room.

"Yoshimura will make Japan the most powerful Asian country!”

Among the Japanese, Yoshimura was known as the ‘Defeated General.’ His fight against the Korean Silver Knights Guild for Cokro Island was a disaster. Then he was defeated by Damian, who was considered a traitor from the right side extremists.

Yoshimura had once been the 2nd ranked archer, but now his peak was over. Nevertheless, the Japanese still trusted Yoshimura. Yoshimura’s achievements in the past were so great that there were still a lot of expectations. Unfortunately, Japan didn’t have as many talented people as Yoshimura.


“It truly is Yoshimura!”

The reporters applauded at Yoshimura’s flamboyant appearance. But they didn’t ask any questions because there was no big interest. The reporters were interested in Damian and Katz who were sitting to Yoshimura’s left and right.

“Hum hum.”

Yoshimura felt ashamed and sat down. The reporters first questioned Katz, who hadn’t appeared in public for a long time.

"Katz, I’m looking forward to seeing...

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