Chapter 380 (Teaser)

Chapter 380

"One of my men came across you in a hunting ground... The weapon you used at that time looks exactly like one of Grid’s weapons.”

He was probably referring to Grid’s Greatsword. In this chilly atmosphere, Chris responded nervously.

"I will say it again. In this world, aren’t there one or two items that resemble each other?”

Chris tried to leave as planned, but Zibal grabbed his shoulder.

"This isn’t like you, Chris. Originally, wouldn’t you be angry when receiving an unfair accusation like this? Are you just laughing because what I said was the truth?”

"I've only ever responded in a gentlemanly manner.”


Chris firmly shoved at Zibal’s hand on his shoulder. Chris had high strength due to all his labor, so Zibal wasn’t able to cope with it.

“Don’t push people with unfounded rumors.”

Chris spat out. He didn’t shrink back, despite knowing that no one was on his side. This was the dignity of the third...

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