Chapter 370 (Teaser)

Chapter 370

Elfin Stone, master of the 13th city, was an earl, while the master of cities in the 10s were viscounts. Yura was well aware of the strength of a viscount type vampire.

‘At least five of the elites of Overgeared must be present to raid them.’

It might be possible if she completed all her class quests and went over level 300, but she couldn’t do it alone right now. Yura judged this and focused on survival. She fought defensively in order to buy as much time as possible for her scattered colleagues to return.

But Tiramet’s combat power was too destructive. He was stronger than the other viscounts she had met.

'He met a former Demon Slayer and survived.’

It was clearly a unique event, meaning... 

‘Named boss!’




Yura avoided the bleeding magic, but her range of actions was constrained. Soon after, she was faced with a kick flying at her.

‘I can’t avoid it.’

She would lose at least a third of her health. The key was to not allow any linked a...

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