Chapter 352 (Teaser)


Dust rose as Grid crashed into the ground. Grid was relatively fine. No, his health wasn’t very good, but he was relatively rosy. The wounds on his body were fairly recovered. It was thanks to recovering 13,000 health after wearing Doran’s Ring as well as utilizing the option effect of the Holy Light Armor the moment he got kicked at close range.

But Grid wasn’t satisfied.

“It would’ve been better if I took advantage of it when it was a sword attack, not a kick.”

His health would’ve been three times higher than it was now.

“Isn’t that right? Yakult.”


Iyarugt was silent despite being called Yakult. He felt bad that he couldn’t read Kraugel’s sword orbit and caused Grid to fall into an awful position.

“It was the same when I fought Piaro and Chucksley. You seem to have no use.”

[That...! It’s because most of my original abilities are sealed! If I could really demonstrate my abilities, these guys would be nothing!]

"Well, let’s say that is true.”

In fact, Iyarugt’s rating was unique. It would be more help once the rating was increased to legendary. 

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