Chapter 35 (Teaser)

“He has a legendary class, yet he’s only level 21? How can he play the game like this? Amazing. His ability to not level up is truly amazing. It’s a wonder that he gained the class quest.”

Yoon Sangmin didn’t like Shin Youngwoo. Shin Youngwoo’s game history confirmed that he was a young man with no talent at playing the game. Taking the legendary class, wasn’t it like a swine obtaining a pearl? Yoon Sangmin thought it was a waste of a legendary class.

‘He is a person who will never become a ranker in his entire life. Thanks to his interruption, a large amount of content regarding the legendary class was consumed. Now he’s about to consume another large game content...’

Director Yoon Sangmin was sure of it. 

‘Poison. This person is a deadly poison to Satisfy. Before he does more harm, we have to stop his account forever.’

However, Director Yoon Sangmin didn’t have the authority to manage user accounts. So he had no choice but to keep his thoughts to himself.

Yoon Sangmin inwardly...

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