Chapter 349 (Teaser)

Four months ago in Satisfy time.

Kraugel had spent one month with Piaro. He watched Piaro’s every move and they sparred together 30 times. He personally witnessed when Piaro became a legendary farmer. Thus, Kraugel knew Piaro’s strength better than anyone.

‘The basic level difference is huge.’

At the time of separation, Piaro was level 380. This wasn’t mere speculation. It was calculated using all types of indicators, so Kraugel was convinced that it was accurate. He trusted his understanding of the game.

‘And now.’

Kraugel calculated that Piaro should be level 385~386. It was the conclusion he came to after studying the experience values required to level up and the growth rate of named NPCs. On the other hand, what was Kraugel’s level?


‘There are 60 levels between us.’

It meant he dealt 30% less damage and would receive 30% more damage. It was a big penalty, considering there was such a big difference in the basic stats of normal classes and legendary classes. But Kraugel didn’t shrink back.

‘The odds are good enough.’

Kraugel had maintained the 1st ranking since Satisfy opened. He was the first in all types of fields, gobbling up achievements and titles. This could cover the gap in...

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