Chapter 340 (Teaser)

Training, training, training! And more training! Why did they have to go through such hellish days. Reidan’s soldiers had always questioned it. They couldn’t understand why they had to train so much every day.

‘I know that it’s necessary to become stronger to protect our home and families. But still, isn’t this too much? Once we adjust to a training regime, we are forced to do a new one and then adjust to that. What if this keeps repeating?’

"Uncle Yan, a baker with a military background, said he doesn't think there is any army on the continent training as hard as us.” 

“The infantry in the rear are grumbling. The level of training we receive has already exceeded the level of ordinary soldiers?”

"Of course. Isn’t our training at the level of special forces? It’s crazy. Why do we have to climb a wall without a ladder?”

"I don’t like the giant worm hell training. When I move through sand that is pouring down like a waterfall, I really feel like a hamster on a wheel. Then when I see the giant worms, I get goosebumps...”

"Isn’t it ridiculous to train new archers by...

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