Chapter 330 (Teaser)

"Duke Grid still hasn’t learned of my father’s illness. The proof of this is that Reidan’s army is still weak, so we must strike against Reidan at this time. There won’t be another chance.”

1st Prince Ren was well aware of how strong Grid and his subordinates were. It was natural, since he’d witnessed their actions in the Reinhardt golem invasion. Nevertheless, the reason he was hostile to Grid was firstly, it was obvious that Ren would be eaten up if he stayed still. Secondly, he believed in the power of his warriors, including Hurent.  

The contents of the linked quest was being updated in front of Hurent.

[Prince of the Eternal Kingdom - Chapter IV-]

Level of Difficulty: Not measurable.

1st Prince Ren has seen the strength of aura and has absolute confidence in you. He believes that you are the only rival for Duke Grid.

Advance to Reidan with Ren’s army! 

Strike down hard on Duke Grid, who is making fun of the royal family!


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