Chapter 309 (Teaser)

"The Violet Guild is famous for their excellent raid skills. A month ago, they raided the Rotten Horned Rayon. They couldn’t compete with Tallos’ strength, but you succeeded with just Magic Missile and Fireball. Please give us an explanation.”

The questions of the excited reporters continued. Grid was troubled because some of the questions were are sharp as knives.

‘Rumors might spread that I am a bugged user, or that the S.A. Group is supporting me from the rear.’

Based on the experience he gained, Tallos was far more powerful than Pascal. It was impossible for a user to kill him alone, especially with just basic magic. Grid was troubled by the suspicious reporters.

“I don’t think you understand me.”

Braham borrowed Grid’s mouth and started to chatter.

“I am a legend. I am omnipotent. Trivial beings like you can never imagine, let alone understand me. It is normal.”


The reporters were shocked. At this moment,...

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