Chapter 303 (Teaser)


He was ranked 6th after Yura disappeared from the rankings list. He was originally thought to have an epic class, but now it was known that he had a hidden growth class. He never showed up in public. However, a few top rankers knew his strength. They often bumped into him at the hunting grounds.

"Hey, Overgeared noobs.”

Jishuka, Peak Sword, Pon, Regas, Faker, Vantner and Zednos. Agnus didn’t shrink back despite facing the party of eight. Rather, he poked fun at them.

"I’ve been looking for that lich for 11 months. Don’t touch my prey or I’ll kill you.”

“You bastard!” Vantner cried out furiously towards Agnus. “If you don’t want to die, don’t make fun of us and get lost!”

Agnus shrugged. "Bald Vantner. You’re really stupid.”

Vantner’s face turned red.

"I'm not stupid or bald! This is a shaved head! Aren’t you the one interfering? We found this place first!”

“So what? Are you going to fight that lich?”

“Why not?”

"Kukuk! Aren’t you funny? You look tired, probably from defeating the master of this city? Mumud was...

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