Chapter 300 (Teaser)

[The items have successfully combined!]

[(Combination) Failure + Raphael's Spear]

Rating: Legendary (Transcendent)

Durability: Infinite

Attack Power: 1,100~2,390   Defense: 100

* Agility +100

* Divine Power +400

* Fixed damage of +2,200 on each attack.

* There is a certain probability of activating the ‘Light Wheel’ skill.

* Attack power +30% against those with black magic power.  

* There is a certain probability of blocking the enemy’s attacks.

* There is a high probability of activating the ‘5 Joint Attacks’ skill.

* The skill ‘Bisect’ will be generated.

* There will be a fear effect if the enemy is more than 15 levels lower than the user.

* Attack power +30% in dark places.

A weapon that maximizes the merits of the legendary rated ‘Failure’ and ‘Raphael's Spear (Reproduction)’ after being combined by the legendary blacksmith G.

Conditions of Use: Pagma's Successor

* The combination time is 2 minutes.

* This item can’t be traded.

‘Transcendent legendary...!’

The result was more than expected. The performance of Failure + Raphael's Spear was close to a mythical weapon. It was safe to say that Item Combination was one of Pagma's Successor’s ultimate techniques.

‘It is...

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