Chapter 297 (Teaser)

“What will happen?”

Three men were sitting side by side in a spacious living room that was like a playground. What was the identity of those enjoying the cool soju and spicy chicken feet while wearing 3D glasses? 

They were Chairman Lim Cheolho, Director Yoon Sangmin, and Team Leader Ashley Tosun. They were major figures in the company. The reason why these busy people gathered in Lim Cheolho’s mansion wasn’t for a simple drinking party.

On the big screen, Grid’s party would soon encounter Elfin Stone. Could they really succeed in the Elfin Stone raid? The three people wanted to check it out. There was a debate.

“In order to raid Elfin Stone, at least three third advancement healers are needed in the party.”

The top priority was to neutralize Elfin Stone’s Blood Field. But Elfin Stone took only 1.8 seconds to deploy Blood Field. It was difficult to block it from being activated, so it needed to be offset with continuous healing. A eight person party with no healers wouldn’t be able to raid Elfin Stone.

The father of vampires, Team Leader Ashley, was...

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