Chapter 290 (Teaser)

“M-Malacus’s Cloak.”

This was a little too much. Weren’t vampires sensitive to the smell of blood? The vampires would come flocking like dogs if Malacus’ Cloak was used. It was like digging his grave.

‘I have to wear this?’

Vantner hesitated. On the other hand, Grid and his colleagues showed a firm determination.

“Vantner, there is no time to spare.”

"Speed is important. We have to make them keep coming.”

"We will help you, so don’t worry and put on the cloak.”

“...Okay, I understand.”

Every member of Overgeared was prepared to die in order to save as many of their colleagues as possible. Vantner was no different.  He prepared his mind and took the lead after wearing Malacus’ Cloak.

“Let’s go.”

Grid didn’t delay. He entered the large building in front of him.


"It is really wide. It is bigger than it seems from the outside.”

“This is bad. It is better to fight a lot of enemies in a narrow space.”

“Yes. This place is completely open without any cover.”

The voices of the party members echoed in every corner. The first floor of the building was a huge hall. It could accommodate at least 2,000 people. The...

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