Chapter 286 (Teaser)

The announcement of the merger between the Silver Knights Guild and Overgeared was an issue that would cover a whole page of newspapers in various countries. But the merger ceremony was small. Not one reporter was invited. There was no reason to help other forces by publicizing the growth of Overgeared.

It wasn’t yet time.



A banquet was held after the merger. It was intended to promote unity with the existing members of Overgeared and the new members from the Silver Knights Guild. The atmosphere was good.

“Vantner! It’s an honor to be your colleague! I have admired you for a long time! You are the reason why I became a strength type guardian knight!”

"Oh, you’re completely ruined. You’re still level 180, so I recommend you delete your character and raise a new one. Or else you will have to live with this bad build for the rest of your life.”


"Faker, I heard about how you smashed one of the seven guilds, the Ice Flower Guild, alone, and I trembled. How should I develop my stats and skills to be a great assassin like you?...

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