Chapter 277 (Teaser)

Rankers were mainly popular around the world, but Grid was different. Most foreigners disliked Grid. There were those who mocked and criticized him for his poor control skills in the National Competition.

But at this moment, the flow started to change. Grid elevated his control after endless efforts and was silencing the criticism against him.

“Aura Festival!”

Pepeng! Pepepepeong!

It was like firecrackers. The chain of aura explosions put pressure on Grid.

'Let's concentrate.’

It was a great skill, but there was no need to shrink back in front of it. A red light shone from Grid’s eyes. He utilized his high insight to grasp the trajectory of the explosions and evade, causing the viewers to feel admiration.

[You have suffered 2,362 damage.]

[You have suffered 2,510 damage.]

[You have suffered 2,487...]

The advantage of Aura Festival was its range. It was such a widespread attack that it was impossible to avoid them all  completely with Grid’s agility. However, it was such a large-scale skill that its damage...

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