Chapter 274 (Teaser)

Detecting the target. Predicting the risks. These were phrases that described the insight stat. Before meeting Piaro, Grid had only used insight to measure combat power.  But in fact, insight was an absolute factor that could elevate his combat power.

Predicting risks meant:

"You rat bastards!”

It meant he could read the enemy’s movements. Grid didn’t easily allow Kamiyan to attack him.  He evaded or defended, then linked a counterattack. These were movements that Piaro had taught him several times.


The efficient movements helped him draw out 100% of his abilities. Grid dealt a strong punch.

“K-Kuaaack! You bastard!”

Kamiyan couldn’t believe it. Rather than overwhelming an opponent who didn’t have a weapon, he was receiving damage.

‘The difference between me and this guy is so large? Something is wrong...! It can’t be!’

Kamiyan believed that the empire was the whole world. He was indifferent to the happenings of small kingdoms.  Therefore, he had no idea about Grid. He only knew about the first time Grid came to the Vatican.  Grid was just someone...

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