Chapter 260 (Teaser)

“This is the place.”


Grid didn’t know exactly what type of treatment Piaro was receiving. He vaguely thought that Piaro would be well respected and comfortable because he was so talented. But it turned out he was mistaken.

‘I never thought he would live in a place like this.’

[Farmer’s House]

A large-scale accommodation where widowers or single farmers lived together.

A great swordsman was staying in a shabby place like this? Grid was baffled.

“Isn’t Reidan big? Why is it so hard to give him a house?"

A great swordsman who was soon to become a sword saint. Wasn’t he a good mentor to everyone? Lauel explained to Grid, who was looking at them with rebuke in his eyes. “Piaro himself didn’t want to stay anywhere else. He said that he doesn’t deserve to live a comfortable life.”

Grid’s expression became dark.

‘It’s because of guilt.’

He felt guilty for the family members and colleagues who died because he was falsely accused. Maybe...

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