Chapter 257 (Teaser)

The task of the Yatan Church was to create chaos in the world.

It was to create an environment where dark magic was activated by drawing out the pain and despair in people’s hearts, then bringing the 33 great demons to the earth.

It was the will of God Yatan.


Three years ago.

Emperor Juander recruited top healers and priests from all over the continent. It was to save Empress Aria, who was on her deathbed. But nobody could heal Aria. The healers and priests said it was impossible unless the legendary Saintess appeared.

The gold piled up like a mountain and the imperial treasures didn’t help. Aria, the mother of the imperial princes and princesses. Juander had to watch as his dear wife died.

After Aria died.

Juander truly loved her, so he fell into a deep sorrow. He neglected the affairs of the empire, drank every night, and became ill. It was his 2nd Empress, Marie, who comforted him. She was the mother of the 4th Imperial Prince and had an intense beauty.

Thanks to her devotion, Juander managed to overcome his grief. From then on, Marie’s world opened. Juander overcame his sense of loss thanks to Marie. Therefore,...

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