Chapter 255 (Teaser)

Strength was relative. 

The Overgeared Guild was called a group of powerhouses, but it was possible to distinguish between the weak and strong within them. Based on the Overgeared members, Lauel was part of the weak group.

Grid, Pon, Regas, Jishuka, Faker, Euphemina, Toon and Vantner, all the strongest ones were missing.

‘But even so...’

15 against 1. Hao really endured for five minutes. To be exact, it was five minutes and three seconds. It was something that even Pon or Regas couldn’t do.

‘The two of them would’ve killed almost half of us in three minutes, then they would’ve died.’

If it was Grid?

‘...We would be wiped out in a few minutes.’

Grid’s abilities had grown by leaps and bounds since the doppelganger raid. Lauel didn’t want to imagine it. He clicked his tongue. Then he analyzed Hao.


A person who transformed into a draconian. Hao fully utilized the characteristics of a half draconian as well as the...

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