Chapter 229 (Teaser)

In the National Competition and golem invasion event, Grid proved to be the strongest. But now two months of real time had passed after the golem invasion, so was he still the strongest?

『 I don’t think so. 』 

『 What’s the basis for your claim? 』

『 The performance of a third advancement class is far superior to the second advancement class. It’s on a completely different dimension. Most of the top 50 rankers have reached their third advancement class, so Duke Grid, who is immature in control, is no longer unique. 』

『 I agree. Duke Grid overpowered the rankers in the National Competition with his items and class, but now he’s lost the advantage of his class. 』

『 What if Grid overcomes his insufficient control skills? 』

『 Haha! The possibility doesn’t exist. Looking at it from a professional point of view, Duke Grid has no talent for control. The only advantage he has is his items. 』

『 The advantage will be offset by the fantastic control of the other ranked players. 』

As the information of the third advancement classes started to be revealed one by one, the experts started to criticize Grid. In the first place, Pagma's Successor wasn’t...

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