Chapter 220 (Teaser)

The central spire of Reidan Castle was a huge 11 stories. It was nearly twice as high as the spire of the lord’s castle in common cities.

“Is the height of the central spire important?”

"In a sense, it symbolizes the power of the lord. The greater the prestige and power of the lord, the higher the height of the spires.”

"In other words, the former lord of Reidan enjoyed the same authority as the king.”

"That is the correct interpretation."

In fact, the size of Reidan Castle was comparable to the king’s palace.

“The main castle alone has a total of 127 rooms. In addition, there are six other buildings. There are five gardens, three parade grounds, and a barracks that can accommodate 8,000 troops.”

There were no small decorations or basic furniture left. It was left untouched for a long time, so there were many rusty places and it was desolate. But the form itself was completely preserved, so Grid was amazed. 

“It’s surprising. I thought the castle would be completely ruined like the city.”

“The people of Reidan sacrificed themselves to protect it.”

The days when the empire defended the Hebend River. The people of Reidan had to give a certain amount as tribute to the empire, and it came to the point where they had...

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